Select Performance with chicken and rice is a high-energy, complete and balanced dry food for adult dogs of any breed, that undertake intense physical activity, or are exposed to the cold. It is superpremium product, made to satisfy the most demanding needs of dogs subject to elevated levels of physical effort, thus favouring optimum physical and health conditions.

Dogs that undertake intense and repetitive physical activity, or who live in cold climates, require a diet with higher levels of protein and energy, that helps them to increase their physical resistance and protects them from possible injuries or excessive tiredness. The croquette size is 10 mm for better chewing and ingestion.


We use only fresh ingredients provided by local suppliers. High content of chicken meat (37%), a source of essential amino acids and easily digestible proteins.


37% chicken as the main ingredient. Provides vitality that aids a strong musculature and proper development.


The potent Lycoproject complex (made with natural antioxidants: tomato, pepper and garlic), along with citric extracts, strengthen the immune system.


The essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 favour a healthy coat and skin, providing a shiny, strong and well-kept coat.


Thanks to the MOS prebiotics that hinder the proliferation of harmful bacteria that attack the intestines, thus favouring the growth of beneficial bacteria and contributing to improved health for the dogs.


Select Performance incorporates L-Carnitine into its formula to favour the metabolising of fats into energy.

Ingredients:  chicken meat meal (>37%), cracked rice (>26%), chicken oil, sweet corn, dried brewer’s yeast, beet pulp, chicken liver, tomato meal, minerals, fish oil, pimiento meal, pre-biotic MOS (Mannooligosaccarides), yucca schidighera extract, cytrus bioflavonids (organically certified), garlic powder, L-carnitine, vitamins.

   - Crude protein        - 30.00% 

   - Oils & fats              - 20.00% 

   - Inorganic matter   -   6.50% 

   - Crude fiber             -   2.50% 

   - Calcium                   -  1.75%

   - Phosphorous         -  1.10%

   - Magnesium            -  0.12%

Usage: Optimum amounts of dry dog food Select Performance depend on age, weight, level of activity and the dog's environment (please see the attached scale in the gallery and consult your vet). Ensure your puppy has a supply of clean and fresh water nearby.

Storage: Keep the product packaging in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight and overbearing odours.

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Select Performance 15 kg high energy dry dog food (chicken & rice)

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